CuteRest is a REST client tool dedicated for JSON... and also for XML

CuteRest under linux

What it is

CuteRest is an opensource tool dedicated to communicate with a REST server. It's particulary useful to manage Json Request during developement step. Actually, They are several tool for this purpose. You can use plugins from your browser, like Postman. or use httpie as command-line from your console. But those application doesn't provide a tree view for Json or XML response. YOu only have raw data, and you must use another software, like jsonviewer to view your content as a tree.
CuteRest have both. It's a REST client which have different view to parse the response.



Windows binaries can be downloaded from here: CuteRest-win32-beta-0.1.exe


Mac OS binaries can be downloaded from here: CuteRest-beta-0.1.dmg


CuteRest works well on Linux. There is not yet package avaible for distribution. I will publish a debian package as soon as possible. For now, you need to compile it as it's describe below.

from Source

Compiling on Windows, OSX, Linux, and FreeBSD are really easy. But cutrest need a least Qt5.4 . Older version will generate complain during the compilation.

If you want to install it on your system. Compile and install it from the command line by using qmake your Qt installation path.

sudo make install


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CuteRest is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or later.